If you love Thai and/or Crushcraft Thai, this tiny Thai eatery that’s been a popular Uptown go-to since it opened in 2014. And now it’s just a few steps away but on the opposite side of the Quadrangle which means it’s a bit harder to spot, especially during the construction. We visited for the first time since the move and it reminded us of just how good this Thai spot is!

Updated July 2022



Designed to look like a street eatery out of Bangkok, the home of chef and owner Jack Nuchkasem. He wanted to bring a bit of his home to Dallas, and very much succeed in that, so much so that he caught the attention of Guy Fieri! In 2018, Guy stopped by and raved about the green curry and drunken noodles, featuring them on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!




Find Crush in the former Quadrangle in Uptown that’s being transformed into “The Quad.”
You’ll find bags of rice stacked on top of one another, bottles of sriracha, a menu made of craft paper, and a wood pallet look all around. The most stunning part? The Color Condition decor that hangs from the ceiling comprised of hundreds of colorful, flowing streams. 

A signature from the first location too, it’s come with them to the second and in an even grander way! 



If you want to follow in Guy’s footsteps, try the Kheo Wan aka the Green Curry and Drunken Noodles, both are fabulous! If you want to follow what we typically order, try the Pad Thai and the Kra Pow. The Tom Yum soup is a great started, and the Thai Tea is a perfect to pair with your meal. And don’t forget to visit the spice bar with 6 choices of sauces to add to your meal!

We were delighted to find little changed to this beloved Thai spot, except for a space shaped a bit differently. The food is better than ever too - it reminded us of why we stood in long lines for their food at 2am after a night out in Uptown back in the day!