One of our favorite ways to make a cocktail is by turning an iced tea into a boozy concoction, so when we first learned about Frenchie Buale Vodka, we were super excited! That’s because this local vodka is infused with sweet tea and pineapple! 

Updated March 2021


Frenchie Bualé is a p.o.c. owned brand named after its two owners and partners, Kirk Bualé and Randy French. Pronounced boo-LAY, the vodka is 5x distilled and is the first and only sweet tea vodka infused with pineapple! Kirk and Randy care deeply about connecting to the local community with a top quality product! 



We recently hosted an Influencer cocktail class for Frenchie, and we had so much fun playing bartender that we made ourselves a Blackberry Bualé at home while enjoying the weather! What’s included:

2oz frenchie Buale 
Muddled blackberries 
0.5 simple syrup 
0.5 fresh lemon juice

Combine in shake, and shake! Pour in glass and top with Pinot noir and then garnish with blackberries and enjoy!



You can find Frenchie Bualé at liquor stores such as Goody Goody, Specs, and Total Wine. And get ready for their new flavor coming soon! It's the ideal ingredient for any delicious mixed drink!

Thanks to Frenchie Baulé for sponsoring this article!