This natural inverted spring sits in Wimberely, 45 minutes outside of Austin, and is a popular swimming, diving and photo spot! It's a great way to spend a hot Texas day, so keep it in your back pocket for fun ways to cool off!

Updated March 2021


Jacob's Well

Jacob’s Well is the second largest fully submerged cave in Texas and is an artesian spring that releases thousands of gallons of water a day! The deepest point is 140 feet deep, and the water stays consistently at 68 degrees, so it's a perfect way to explore the great outdoors during the hot summer months!


Photo courtesy of Visit Austin



The natural reserve opened on March 1, and swimming opened May 1. In addition to hanging out in the water, you can hike and see the 81 acre area! You must book online; fees are $9 per adult, and reservations are for two hours, starting at 10 AM. Reservations book fast, so if you want to go over one summer weekend, book ASAP!

Stay in Wimberley, or nearby New Braunfels or Marble Falls, and make a weekend in the Texas Hill Country out of it! Explore the cute towns and float the river!



If you want to learn more about Jacob's Well’s history, you can tour during the Spring on the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s monthly. Learn more at



You can free dive up to 100 feet below, while experienced divers can go much further to explore the caves below. But given that it’s known as one of the most dangerous diving spots in the world, you have to be licensed to explore. So for the most of us, we can enjoy from above ground or in the water surrounding it, with the occasional dive off the rocks that sit directly above the well. It’s a stunning sight to see; it is smaller than photos make it appear, but that doesn’t make it any less cool to see!