When it comes to Mexican restaurants in Fort Worth, Joe T. Garcia’s is the first that comes to mind! This iconic spot is known for its all-day menu of Tex-Mex dishes, massive garden oasis patio, and no-frills atmosphere. They’re cash only, and often have a line…but it’s worth the wait! Learn all about this historic DFW staple below!

Updated January 2024



Since 1935, Joe T. Garcia’s has been serving up amazing Tex-Mex eats and drinks in Fort Worth! It’s truly a DFW icon and a must-visit restaurant for locals and visitors alike. They’re known for their Mexican dishes like fajitas and enchiladas, all washed down with a margarita of course! Another thing that makes Joe T’s so iconic is their patio, which is pretty much a garden oasis, complete with a massive fountain and dozens of plants. 

Pro tips: They don’t take reservations, and the lines get long fast! So, remember to get there early to minimize your wait. Also, bring your cash or stop at their on-site ATM – Joe T’s is cash only!


Joe T Garcia's



Inside the hacienda-style building, this restaurant seems quaint but is far from that! The interior dining rooms are filled with tables that seem to go on forever, and a bustling kitchen that’s slinging dishes and drinks from day to night. The decor has a rustic vibe, featuring lots of natural wood, murals of cowboys, and photos from throughout the restaurant’s history!

The true star of the show is the massive outdoor patio, which is truly a garden oasis in the city! It’s known as one of the best patios in DFW, possibly even one of the best outdoor dining spots in Texas. You’ll dine surrounded by lush greenery with a stunning view of the fountain, which used to be the Garcia family pool when they lived there!



Despite the elaborate exterior of Joe T’s, the menu is no-frills and sticks to tradition! They serve an all-day menu of Tex-Mex classics like tacos, fajitas, and even a family-style meal. In addition to the classics, you’ll also find a lunch menu with options like nachos, chalupas, chimichangas, tamales…the list goes on! Their brunch is bucket list worthy, featuring fan faves like chilaquiles and migas. You truly can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!

Our go-to: Fajitas with an enchilada on top – it’s the best of both worlds, and the sauce from the enchilada compliments the fajita meat and veggies perfectly!



You’ll find a full menu of cocktails, beers, and wines at Joe T’s…but let’s be honest, you’re here for the margaritas! Their margs are strong and delicious, served in their iconic logo cups. Their famous House Margarita is a classic, but they also have six other variations including the Margarita Swirl, Strawberry Margarita, Gold Margarita, Top Shelf Margarita, and Skinny Margarita. The most recent edition to the menu is the Marky Marg, created by Mark Wahlberg (who is a fan of Joe T’s) using his Fletcha Azul tequila brand! 

While they don’t have a happy hour, they will bring pitchers out for large groups to get the party going and drinks flowing!