When we think of hibachi, Benihana of course comes to mind. But did you know that we have our own local version on Greenville Avenue?! And not only is hibachi served, but karaoke is played in the private karaoke/hibachi room you can rent out!

Updated June 2022



While not much exists about Kaze’s history online, the Japanese restaurant has been open for more than 50 years! It originally started as a sushi house but over the years, expanded to include hibachi and karaoke. And now it exists primarily as that, offering a great spot for an entertaining evening for a big group of friends!



Outside, you’ll find a Japanese garden welcoming you in - there’s even a koi pond and waterfall. And then inside, you’ll find a bar to your right and to your left, an elevated (literally) sushi restaurant with revolving plates at the bar. 

Down the hall illuminated by lanterns, find the hibachi rooms hidden behind bamboo doors in semi-private rooms. And beyond the bar, find a completely private room for hibachi and karaoke!



Two u-shaped hibachi counters face enough in one huge room. Each seats up to about 25 people and one side features a karaoke stage and set up! The rental fee depends on the number of people and whether it’s a weekday or weekend. But on weekdays, there’s a 15 person minimum and on weekends, it increases to 25. 



If you have been to hibachi before, it should be pretty self explanatory. Kaze follows the typical format, show included! If you aren’t familiar, get ready for your big plate of rice, veggies and meat to be cooked right in front of you, with some squirts of sake, flying shrimp and volcano onion tower!

Lastly, we will note that there are some things Kaze could work on, like facility repairs, better karaoke tech and better service, but if you can appreciate it for what is does well, then it’s a great place to visit and to have in your back pocket!