La La Land Kind Cafe is taking over! In 2021, not one but TWO new bright yellow coffee shops that preach kindness opened up, including one on Oak Lawn, and the newest on Lovers Lane! The Lovers Lane location is a super sleek spot with one huge patio!

Updated January 2021


If you haven’t yet ventured to the organic cafe, La La Land opened about two years ago off Lower Greenville, in a white picket fenced home renovated in bright white and yellow. The original location had more of a modern farmhouse atmosphere, with a backyard patio and fenced in dog run, but all locations are designed to make you feel like you’re walking into a dream world.



The new location can be found at the Pavilion at Lovers next to Juiceland. You’ll spot the signature yellow pickup truck, plus an expansive, white parklet patio. Inside, seating is limited to one huge couch area and one high top with lots of retail and a super contemporary design. You feel like you’re in a futuristic coffee shop… in the best way!


Drink Menu

La La Land has two coffee menus: classics and signatures. Find your traditional coffee on the Classics like cold brew, mochas, cortados, and more. The signatures pull in some fun flavors like lavender, French toast, creme brûlée and thin mint to name a few. They also have an extensive tea menu and a reserve coffee list for those with more sophisticated palettes! 


The catch? One side of the menu shows offerings made with coffee, the other side shows them made with matcha! That means La La Land serves more than 21 types of matcha drinks! The top two matcha drinks are the La La matcha latte and the butterfly matcha latte, but you can't go wrong with any of them! And everything is served in a bright yellow cup with happy messages to make you smile!

Food Menu

Looking to grab a bite? Snag an item like the cacao banana chia seed pudding or chai overnight oats from the grab-and-go section. Or if you're sticking around, their toasts are a must! The La La classic avocado toast and the La La dream toast with burrata, pesto, avocado mash, crunchy chili oil, and chili flakes are huge hits. They have lots of other great options too, like the honey strawberry toast!


Helping Foster Kids

Beyond the A+ branding, cheerful messages and great matcha, La La Land is on a really beautiful mission. It has its own non profit, We Are One Project, which helps businesses around the world employ foster youth. That means that they do so themselves, providing youth who have aged out of the system with work and the ability to learn valuable skills!