Llama Kid is the perfect way to expand your palate without having to go any further than East Austin! Their focus on fresh, clean ingredients makes Llama Kid a go-to for meat-eaters and vegans alike. The spacious (and heated!) outdoor seating makes it an ideal spot for any occasion: from coworking to a romantic date-night.

Updated January 2022


Peru native, Chef Diego Ysrael Sanchez, offers a modern twist on traditional Peruvian dishes. He spent years searching for the perfect city to open his dream restaurant in, and after just a few days in Austin he knew this was the place! Appealing to Austin’s health-conscious community, Chef Diego claims, “it is all about delivering phenomenal but affordable food, using only fresh Farm-To-Table products to support a healthy style of eating.”



The charming ambiance is almost as captivating as the high-quality dishes themselves. In typical Austin fashion, the decor is bright and funky with wooden accents and modern simplicity. Llama Kid incorporates Peruvian flare through natural elements such as woven art pieces, wooden statues, and floral arrangements on every table.


The menu focuses on local, organic, and sustainable ingredients while highlighting authentic recipes. The delicious yet healthy dishes are what make this spot irresistible! Offering a variety of small apps to hearty entrees, the menu is perfect for trying multiple dishes to get the full experience. Dive into their savory delicacies, then top it off with a sweet treat such as their lucuma cheesecake (which is to die for!).



Their drink menu focuses on classic Peruvian beverages - from Pisco Sours to the spirit-free Maracuya Sour. Their Piscojito is a must-have, feat. freshly squeezed lime juice, brown sugar, mint, maracuya (passionfruit), and a splash of topo chico. Their Chicha Morada is another crowd-pleaser, made out of purple corn (that they mill in-house!), star anise, pineapple grind, and apples - ensuring an instant rush of yumminess.

Open every day from 12-9pm.