We’re continuing to spotlight hidden gems we love, and next up is the authentic, family-owned Mediterranean spot, Maya's Mediterranean! It's nestled in the Casa Linda neighborhood, and it’s truly so good (and healthy-ish)!

Updated March 2022


Maya’s Modern Mediterranean, named after the owner’s daughter, is a cute spot that has been serving Israeli-American fare for almost 3.5 years. The restaurant prides itself on serving a variety of fresh mediterranean food that is made with whole ingredients, avoiding processed and fried food. They are known for their creamy Hummus, upscale Shawarma, Kafta Kebabs and their freshly prepared sauces that come with just about every item.

In fact, they are one of only a handful of restaurants in Dallas that use an air-baking oven for some of the more traditional fried foods like Falafel, French fries, and Chicken Schnitzel.



The super cute fast casual spot offers both indoor and patio seating! The white and blue accents of the interior give you all of the Mediterranean vibes. Seat yourself at a booth or table in the bright and airy restaurant while you enjoy the yummy food!



The restaurant offers four ways to enjoy the Middle Eastern fare: in a pita sandwich, on a plate, in a bowl and on a salad! Along with entrees, Maya’s also has delicious starters, award winning soups, and sides including their hummus, which is some of the best we’ve tried! Finish off your meal with one of their desserts including the brookie cookie, which is a combo of a brownie and a cookie -- need we say more?



Pair your meal with wine and beer on tap, or choose from a selection of refreshing canned beverages like CBD infused drinks, teas, probiotic sodas and more!



Don’t have time to dine in? Order takeout for one or for the whole crew with their family style meals! Pro tip: You can buy a tub of freshly made hummus and store it in your fridge for up to a week. That’s what we did, and we will definitely be going back for more!

So share this spot with your foodie friends and check out the Mediterranean hidden gem in East Dallas!