We always try our best to support local when making purchases, and this includes anything related to our home and garden. We just checked out Jacksons Home & Garden and were blown away by the size and inventory! They even have a gift wrap bar!

And fun fact: they have the single, largest selection of indoor and outdoor pottery in the Southwest!

Updated December 2021



Founded in 1983 as a small garden store, it’s expanded to include furniture, grills, fireplaces, outdoor design services, fountains, gazebos, gifts and wedding registry services, decor and more! The variety of products really is so impressive and we could have spent a full afternoon wandering their indoor and outdoor spaces!



Right now, they have a grove of Christmas trees ready to go home and get decorated, and there are still some ornaments and colorful bulbs left too to grab at the same time! There’s also some fake Christmas decor like garland or fun pastel trees, nutcrackers and wreaths. And if you’re looking for poinsettias, they have a full tree of them!



You can also stock up on gifts right now, like grills for dad or china for mom. The china can also be added to a wedding registry too! Take everything you find to the gift bar for it to be wrapped in-house so you’re all set to put it under the tree!

And beyond the holidays, it’s a great home and garden store to check out for your decorating, furniture or planting needs!