We recently stopped by Mochinut to see the hype about the mochi donut craze that is growing like crazy across the states! This cute mochi donut + boba tea spot is perfect for an afternoon pick me up or for a late night sweet treat!

Updated July 2021



Mochinut is a chain that begun in Southern California and spreads these bubble donuts around the country! So what is a Mochi Donut? It’s a Hawaiian style donut mixed with Japanese mochi. Think of the tasty product of the happy union mochi and American-style doughnuts, which originated in Hawaii. They’re made with sweet rice flour, which creates the distinct texture from the yeast normally used in donuts.


Photo courtesy of Mochinut



Enjoy 25+ mochi donut options from churro to black sesame to matcha, taro and beyond. Mochinut switches up their menu weekly and always has fun flavors! We tried the strawberry and tiramisu and loved the sweet but not overpowering flavors.



Beyond donuts, Mochinut also serves a slate of hot dogs, which look more like what we’d think of as corn dogs. Flavors include hot Cheetos. crispy ramen and cheddar cheese to name a few.



What goes better with donuts than bubble tea? Mochinut’s third offering is unique bubble tea in flavors like traditional milk tea, coffee, Thai tea, ube, matcha, and brown sugar. Make sure to order the Ube for the most fun option… it's a beautiful purple made with taro root, and it’s as good as it looks.


So next time you’re craving a sweet treat or you're up in the Carrollton area, check out the new food trend taking over Instagram.


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