Nora is an Afghani restaurant now located in Bishop Arts! Beautiful and delicious, we had a culinary adventure and are super excited to share with y’all!

Updated February 2022


Nora Restaurant

Nora opened in 2012, the third restaurant from a restauranteur who had previously opened the popular Afghan Grill, frequented by politicians. Named after his daughter, Nora’s goal was to introduce the area to a new type of cuisine…striving to be “an exotic spot that feels like home.”

Bishop Arts

After years on Greenville, Nora moved to Bishop Arts, right on North Bishop across from Tejas, in 2019. And right after the pandemic, Nora’s gave itself a glow up, renovating the interior and exterior to match the trendy and Instagrammable vibe of the rest of the neighborhood.


There’s a small patio lined with plants as you approach, with the bar opening up with bar seating along the window. Inside, find wood floors, blue velvet lined booths, teal walls, Persian rugs, and an Art Deco gold and floral wall paper on the back wall. The art pops too, with Audrey Hepburn watching over the restaurant.

Food & Drink

Start out with a beautiful cocktail that take traditional cocktails, and add a twist using ingredients specific to Afghan cooking…like fig, cardamon and cumin. To start, we got the hummus and sampler plate with Kadu (pumpkin dish), Sambosas (meat filled pastry), Bulanee (vegan flatbread) and Aushak (leek) dumplings so we could try a bit of everything. The Kadu was a standout! 
At that point, we were full but for mains, you can try a braised lamb shank, chicken with yogurt or their signature Qabili Palao, a seasoned lamb or chicken served with saffron rice and topped with sweet carrots, raisins, almonds and pistachios. We will be back for that dish alone!