With the huge pet boom that hit after COVID, mobile pet care has never been more popular. ReadiVet is your go-to veterinary care that comes to your home! So, ditch the waiting room and let their vets work their magic in the space that's most comfortable for you and your furry friend!

Updated March 2021



ReadiVet provides care for cats and dogs in the comfort of your home, from physical exams to vaccines to special puppy and kitten packages. A veterinarian and vet technician arrive with their equipment ready to check out your pet. Meet them in your lobby, patio, garage, or couch… wherever you feel most comfortable meeting them. They are adhering to all COVID safety precautions.



You can schedule dental cleanings, spay and neuters, x-rays and surgeries, which take place at their clinic located in the heart of Uptown Dallas! The base visits, comprehensive wellness visits, and puppy visits are available at different prices, and individual vaccinations and other additional services are listed on their website.



ReadiVet eases the care process of your furry friends. It brings you convenience, so you never have to choose between medical care for your pet and any other obligation. After they've met with you and your pet once, they can take care of your pet while you check things off your to-do list elsewhere. Not only do you get to skip the veterinary clinics, which can be uncomfortable for you and for your dogs and cats, but you can also skip the stress it causes. ReadiVet is less stress for everyone! They provide transparent and afforable pricing, so you know the true value of your pet's health upfront.