We recently read that Wallethub ranked Texas is the number one best state for road trips and couldn’t agree more! While we definitely have our go-to stops, there are tons of hidden gems that are worth a detour when passing through. Hit the road and explore these one-of-a-kind spots below!

Updated June 2024



Paris Eiffel Tower


Dr. Pepper Museum

Yes, there's an entire museum dedicated to Dr. Pepper! Learn about the iconic soda, taste and make crazy flavors, or even take a paranormal tour of the haunted building!

Waco | Directions


Cowboy Eiffel Tower

Our own version of the Eiffel Tower, complete with a red Stetson cowboy hat! Standing at one-tenth of the height of the original in France, the tower comes to life at sunset with LED lights and changing colors. (Pictured)

Paris | Directions


Futuro House

A spaceship-inspired house from the 1960s, one of just 60 in the world! This one is located along State Highway 276, but we have heard not to get too close as it's on private property and not safe to enter the house!

Royse City | Directions


Glenn Goode's Big People

This landmark started when a local artist + businessman bought one of the statues for $5 in 1971! The collection of five restored fiberglass giants and even a cow wave at the nearby highway. If you want to learn more about the quirky story, check out the documentary on YouTube!

Gainesville | Directions

Last Republic of Texas Boundary Marker

Cross the only international border inside the United States! This landmark is the last remaining border from when Texas was a country.

Carthage | Directions


Waco Mammoth Site

See fossils of 24 prehistoric mammoths, the largest site like it in the country! 

Waco | Directions


Stonehenge II


Boot & Cowboy Hat House

Texan-style homes made from salvaged materials, shaped like a cowboy boot and hat! You can even rent these out online and stay there, but the list fills up quick.

Huntsville | Directions

Giant Sam Houston

A 67-foot-tall tribute to one of the most powerful Texans in history! Visitors can take photos with the giant statue, and stop by the Visitor's Center to learn about the legend of Sam Houston.

Huntsville | Directions


Newman’s Castle

Transport to Medieval Europe on a tour of the castle’s 5 towers, courtyard, and even cross the moat on a massive drawbridge! Pick up some delicious pastries from their nearby bakery on your way out! (Featured header image, courtesy of Newman's Castle)

Bellville | Directions

Berdoll Pecans

Grab a pecan pie from the vending machine outside the store, and snap a pic with Ms. Pearl the Giant Squirrel, the largest squirrel in the world at 14 feet tall! They also have a delicious array of Texas treats like fudge, peaches, and of course, all things pecan!

Cedar Creek | Directions

Stonehenge II

A replica of the ancient wonder from across the pond! Free to visit, the stones are 90 percent the height and 60 percent the width as the original, complemented by two Easter Island head replicas! (Pictured, image courtesy of Hill Country Arts Foundation)

Ingram | Directions



U-Drop Inn


Big Texan Steak Ranch

A world famous saloon-style steakhouse off Route 66! Try the 72oz Steak Challenge, a giant meal that’s free if eaten within an hour.

Amarillo | Directions

Leaning Tower of Britten

A leaning water tower tilted by a local business owner as a marketing ploy in the ‘80s! The tower still stands today and can be seen from the highway when passing through town.

Groom | Directions


Ozymandias on the Plains

Make your mark on a 20-foot-tall sculpture of half-finished legs covered in graffiti! It's said that these legs never have the same paint job, so you never know what you may see when you visit.

Amarillo | Directions


Route 66 Midpoint & Midpoint Cafe

Snap a photo at the official halfway point on Route 66, exactly 1,139 miles from LA and Chicago! While you're there, grab a slice of pie at the 50s-style diner!

Adrian | Directions


Terlingua Ghost Town

Explore an old mining town in the desert, enjoy Southern eats and weekly live music at the Starlight Theatre, or sip tequilas at the saloon! If you pass through in October or November, they have a massive Dia De Los Muertos celebration and a famous Chili Cookoff!

Terlingua | Directions

U Drop Inn Cafe

The inspiration for the Cars movies, on the iconic Route 66! Built in 1936, the adorable gas station and cafe look just like Radiator Springs. (Pictured, image courtesy of U Drop Inn)

Shamrock | Directions


VW Slug Bug Ranch

Graffiti-covered cars are stuck halfway in the ground, just like the famous Cadillac Ranch! Like the name, this version is has five colorful Volkswagon Beetles instead!

Panhandle | Directions