HOTWORX is an innovative fitness studio that combines infrared heat and virtual classes in a personal sauna setting! If you haven’t tried them out yet, now is the perfect time!

Updated December 2021




Hotworx programs are a blend of heat, infrared energy and virtual workouts. Members have 24/7 access to the facility, equipment and 12 types of unlimited fitness sessions! Sessions take place in one of the private saunas with individual thermostats for full, infrared sweat therapy! TVs inside each sauna contain virtually instructed sessions so you can go at your own pace + completely customize your workout!



Infrared is a sweat like no other, whether it's a 15 minute HIIT or 30 minute Isometric workout! Quick science lesson: Infrared energy travels through wavelengths and creates heat. The warming effect creates a comfy atmosphere for hot exercise. The infrared heat detoxifies by physically removing toxins and burns calories quickly as you workout - even up to an hour after your workout!



Log into the Hotworx app to access upcoming classes like Hot Pilates, Hot Core, Hot Barre, Hot Row and more. The saunas are intimate and can fit 2-3 people per class, but if you’d like to block out your session for just you, all you have to do is call! Hotworx will also have everything you might need including bands and mats.