Did you know that RUE Realty is the mastermind behind West Village, Inwood Village, Weir’s Plaza (Knox St), Lakewood Shopping Center and The Quadrangle. So many of your favorite spots are opening up new locations and we want to give you the inside scoop!



When we think of RUE, we think classy, cool, and cutting edge! They are known for creating some of the best in class retail spots and communities in Dallas like West Village, Inwood Village and Lakewood Shopping Center or up-and-coming ones like The Quad and Weir’s Plaza on Knox!


Mendocino Farms is opening at West Village and Legacy West
Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, the beloved NYC ice creamery is opening in West Village
Fiatto is a new & super hip restaurant coming to West Village
Hugos Invitados will also be expanding to West Village
Sweetgreen is expanding all over the metroplex…stay tuned for more!
Duro Hospitality of Sister and The Charles is opening a new spot in Weir’s Plaza
Village Bake is moving around the corner to Weir’s Plaza
Pizzana a beloved LA pizza concept, from the creators of Sprinkles Cupcakes, is coming to Weir’s Plaza
Greg Katz concept (of Beverley’s) is also opening in Weir’s Plaza
2nd Street USA will open in Lower Greenville, Deep Ellum and Frisco


Mendocino Farms: Downtown Dallas and Addison
Puttery: Grandscape (1st in the country!)
Krewe: West Village
Blue Mercury: Highland Park Village
Shugs: SMU
Soulcycle: Both locations
Equinox: Both locations
Sweetgreen: Deep Ellum and West Village
Hari Mari: Flagship on Knox
Yeti: Knox
Restoration Hardware: Knox
and more!


PS RUE is also known for their focus on giving back through community service! One local organization they support that we love is @vogelalcove which helps young children overcome their lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness. Check them out yourself!

So tag your friends and get excited about new openings coming to Dallas this year! Thank you RUE for sponsoring this post.