There aren’t too many true farm-to-table restaurants in Dallas, where you eat in the garden where the produce is grown. In fact, Garden Cafe might be one of the only that fits that bill. They just reopened to serve their beloved brunch, and now dinner too!

Updated October 2021



Garden Cafe opened on an adorable park tucked away in East Dallas on Junius St, in 2002. It was founded by a father who loved gardening and wanted to open a restaurant that gave back to the community. It was taken over by his son in 2010 who dove deeper into the slow food movement and bringing that to Dallas!



The first thing we learned when seated on the back patio, situated in the vegetable garden, is that each staff member has their own plot. They grow vegetables and herbs that are then used in the dishes served. And it’s apparent talking to the staff that they love being a part of Garden Cafe, serving the community, and playing a role in an important restaurant.

Beyond produce, there are also chickens, who are the sources of the eggs used. And if Garden Café doesn’t grow a food item themselves, they try to get it locally sourced. 



The menu is Southern inspired. To start, try the burata and heirloom tomatoes - they're heavenly! Standouts include the red snapper, chicken & dumplins, meatloaf, and shrimp and grits. We loved the braised beef cheek, served with a risotto and unbelievable collard greens. For dessert, try the lemon curd!



A new change to Garden Cafe: it’s no longer BYOB. They now serve wine and beer, and cocktails made with wine or kombucha. All are refreshing and focus on fresh herbs and ingredients!



Garden Cafe is open Thursday-Saturday 10 AM - 10 PM (but the kitchen closes from 3-5) and Sundays 10 AM - 3 PM. Reservations are required on Sundays and are recommended for dinner.


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