If you love skateboarding or are just interested in it, then this one’s for you! Located in Deep Ellum and in Allen, you’ll find a super cool shop, The Point Skate Shop, dedicated to all things skateboarding, including a bowl!

Updated December 2020



The Point Skate Shop was opened to bring full service skateboarding to the Dallas, Allen and surrounding communities. That means the shops have skateboarders running every aspect of the operation to provide the best service, knowledge, and product to anyone who walks through the door!



From equipment to clothing to accessories, the shop has a huge assortment of products. Find anything skate related here, like board parts and skateboard decks, safety gear, skate shoes, and other types of apparel. You can even build a custom board! They also offer skate lessons and camps for ages 8-15. The professionals are there to help you learn as must as possible, but be prepared to learn by falling! They say the more you fall, the more you learn.



What’s super cool about Point Skate is that there’s a bowl in the back of the store. It's open for people to hang out and skate whenever! So, channel your inner Tony Hawk and test out your skills! It’s even fun for people who don't skate to go in and check it out and watch the skateboarders in action!


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