Whether you’re doing Sober January, curbing your drinking, or just don’t drink all together, you can still order fun (non alcoholic) drinks at your favorite restaurants! Most bartenders are more than happy to make a mocktail, but we’ve rounded up places that offer their own creations, and even menus!

Updated January 2023



A perfect weekend activity - mini golf and a bar! Another Round, located in Sylvan Thirty, is a trendy mini-golf course with a retro vibe and awesome patio bar. They’re constantly serving up seasonal cocktails and mocktails! A favorite mocktail is the Mule on a Wagon with lime, ginger beer, grapefruit juice, and mint! They also love taking requests!

Sylvan Thirty | Directions



With two locations in Mexico City, Atípico has landed state-side at The Union, serving up unique renditions of worldwide fare. Their menu features seven standout mocktails! Standouts from the menu include the Sof Rose with lychee, rose petals, and coriander, Ramona Limona with lime and lavender, Chufa Enchufa with horchata and cinnamon, and the Cool Moment with passion fruit, peppermint, cardamom, and club soda!

Uptown | Directions


Barley & Board

This spot offers three alcohol free mocktails: Smash Refresher with simulated gin, basil, cucumber & lime, Tropical Mojito Refresher with simulated gin, passion fruit, orange juice and pineapple, Blackberry Mojito Refresher with simulated rum, blackberry, mint and lime!

Denton & The Colony | Directions



This spot is accommodating in so many ways! Their mocktail menu has options like an Aperol Switch, Whiskey Sour, Mudslide, Mai Tai, Mimosa. Their menu also notes what can be made NA, and they have the full line of Lyre’s Fake Spirits available!

White Rock | Directions



Calling all non-boozy drinkers to Blue Sushi! Blue Sushi's drink menu includes three non-alcoholic drinks. One of the drinks being the Coco Hydration, a coconut infused strawberry lemonade drink that pairs perfectly with a fresh sushi roll!

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The newest establishment in this article, Handshake, is a swanky and gorgeous bar in the downtown AT&T Discovery District. Known as Second Floor at the Exchange Hall, Handshake is a premium bar within the 3-concept dining experience. They have a pretty extensive cocktail list with fancy creations, and what’s even better is the little shaker icon next to each one that can be made as a mocktail. Try the Gardens Full of Gunpowder with citrus, honey, rose petals, and papaya seeds san gin, or the Streets of Kabukicho with coconut, lemongrass, and citrus.

Downtown | Directions



HG Sply has one of the best Moscow Mules in town, hands down. It’s so popular, they even serve it on the rocks OR frozen! And if you once tasted this great cocktail and now don’t drink (or want to take a break,) you’re in luck as the Moscow Mule can be created sans alcohol! 

Lowest Greenville | Directions



Jalisco Norte might be known for its $6 happy hour margaritas or ranch waters (Mon-Fri 3-6 pm), but did you know they have two mocktails on the menu? And that doesn’t just mean a fancy soda or juice, no they actually have a “mocktail” section which we love because it makes non-drinkers feel more included. What can you order? A Ginger Lemonade or a Mint Iced Tea! Or you can order one of their cocktails sans alcohol!

Turtle Creek | Directions



This spot located on the second level of Mockingbird Station is a hidden gem for craft cocktails. And the bartenders there haven’t just perfected created beautiful drinks with alcohol, but they are also more than happy to concoct something without liquor as well! Ask for the Freebird with grapefruit, lime, honey, mint and pamplemousee rose skip the gin, and ask for Topo to substitute the champagne! Or they can create something for you if you tell them what you like!

Mockingbird Station | Directions



Paradiso is one of the prettiest restaurants in Dallas and it can still be your go-to spot wether you’re doing dry January, Sober February, you’re pregnant, or any other health reasons! They have mocktails on their menu, the Silent Dove which is a non-alcoholic take on a salty dog, and the Flight of the Bees, which is a sober mule!

Bishop Arts | Directions



The newest spot on the list, this beautiful cocktail forward restaurant focuses on house-made and creative ingredients to make some of the highest quality cocktails. From the owners of Hide, which was always accommodating to non-drinkers, Royal 38 has three mocktail options too. The one that stands out the most to us: the RGV Sweetheart with pineapple, Tamarindo, cayenne and soda.

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Best known for their healthy bites, True Food also has an extensive cocktail and wine/beer list. They offer one non-alcoholic drink- the Garden of Eden. These fruity flavors are refreshing and perfect for a hot Texas day. Other non alcoholic drinks include the teas and refreshers such as flavored lemonades and herbal teas.

Preston Center & Plano Legacy West | Directions



Quite possibly the girliest and most Instagrammable place in Dallas, XOXO Dining Room is worth checking out regardless of your drinking preferences! They actually have an entire “zero-proof” menu with 5 delicious mocktails including the Uptown Virgin with strawberries and rosemary, Lil Papi with muddled jalapenos and citrus, and their take on a virgin espresso martini, the XO Espresso!

Old East Dallas | Directions



Bar and Garden: NA wine section

Fount Board and Table: 20+ wines, spirits, beers & euphorics

Foxtrot Market: Canned euphorics, sparkling probiotics & more

Go Easy Relax Hard: Selection of non-alcoholic beverages & CBD euphorics

Perrault Dallas: wide selection of NA options

Starla Wines: Dallas based NA wine company with a red, white & rose