Whether you’re doing Sober January, curbing your drinking, or just don’t drink all together, you can still order fun (non alcoholic) drinks at your favorite restaurants! Most bartenders are more than happy to make a mocktail, but we’ve rounded up places that offer their own creations, and even menus! Plus, explore where to buy nonalcoholic spirits, beer, and more!

Updated January 2024



Mother's House Mocktails


This stunning spot at The Village will transport you to the Mediterranean -- we can just imagine sipping their mocktail overlooking the Amalfi Coast! Their signature mocktail is the Underserved, made with sweet plum, ginger ale, lemon, and Fever-Tree tonic!



This retro mini-golf course is the perfect weekend activity, and they offer two mocktails. Try a Blackberry Palmer with blackberry, lemon, agave, yerbamate, and ginger ale, or the Mule on a Wagon with lime, ginger beer, grapefruit juice, and mint! 

Sylvan Thirty | Directions



This spot is accommodating in so many ways! Their mocktail menu has options like an Aperol Switch, Whiskey Sour, Mudslide, Mai Tai, Mimosa. Their menu also notes what can be made NA, and they have the full line of Lyre’s Fake Spirits available!

White Rock | Directions



Stop by for amazing sushi and pair your rolls with delicious mocktails! Try the refreshing Coco Hydration, made with organic coconut water, strawberry, fresh-squeezed lemonade, the floral Hibiscus Squeeze with hibiscus and pomegranate, or the sour but sweet Dragon Fruit Lemonade!

Uptown | Directions



Come here for brews, minus the booze! This local taproom and brewery offers four 'Nada' nonalcoholic beers including a hazy IPA, IPA, pilsner, and bock. They also have hop-infused sparking water called the Hop'd Water!

West Dallas | Directions



Find mocktail heaven in the AT&T Discovery District! This spot has a pretty extensive cocktail list with fancy creations, and what’s even better is the little shaker icon next to each one that can be made as a mocktail. Their mocktail menu also offers non-alcoholic takes on classic sips like the Aperol Spritz, Mai Tai, Mudslide, and Whiskey Sour!

Downtown | Directions



Sip a mocktail on one of the best rooftops in Dallas! HG Sply Co. offers three mocktails: The Beet Better with strawberry, citrus,
and Topo Chico, The Guava Dawg with grapefruit, pineapple, guava, and lemon, and the Mango Refresher with turmeric and citrus!

Lower Greenville | Directions



Get your groove on at this retro record lounge, while sipping a mocktail! This vibey spot features three mocktails on the menu: the Take The Wheel
with black tea, mango, peach, and mint, the Pump It Up featuring Ritual Apéritif, Red Bull, and nori, and the Wagoner made with carrot, orange soda, and rosemary!

Bishop Arts | Directions



This quaint tattoo studio meets coffee house makes the entire experience of getting a tattoo a vibe! Their mocktails all have adaptogens like ashwaghanda and l-theanine, which help relax you (perfect for if you're a little nervous to get tatted!). Our faves are the Golden Hour, featuring De Soi NA wine, mango syrup, ginger beer, and fresh mango chunks, and the Purple Haze with De Soi, berry sparkling water and fresh strawberries! (Pictured)

Oak Lawn | Directions



This spot located on the second level of Mockingbird Station is a hidden gem for craft cocktails. And the bartenders there haven’t just perfected created beautiful drinks with alcohol, but they are also more than happy to concoct their drinks without liquor as well! We reccommend ordering a nonalcoholic People's Choice, where the bartender creates a totally unique drink based on what you like!

Mockingbird Station | Directions



Paradiso is one of the prettiest restaurants in Dallas and it can still be your go-to spot sans drinking! Try the Silent Dove which is a non-alcoholic take on a salty dog, and the Flight of the Bees, which is a sober mule, or the On The Road Again aka a nonalcoholic old fashioned.

Bishop Arts | Directions



This beautiful cocktail forward restaurant focuses on house-made and creative ingredients, which are used in their mocktail options too. Their mocktails rotate frequently, so just ask your server what's on the menu right now! (Featured header image)

Uptown | Directions



Best known for their healthy bites, True Food also has healthy nonalcoholic sips on the menu! Their most unique sip is the What's Up Doc?! featuring Clean & Co. tequila, carrot, orange, jalapeño, and mint. If you're looking for more NA takes on more classic drinks, they also offer a Fauxjito, Blueberry 75, and a Non-Collins!

Preston Center & Plano | See locations



Who says you need alcohol to enjoy an upscale steakhouse dinner?! This swanky spot is serving up four classy mocktails. For something sweet, go for the Berry Patch with strawberry, lime, almond syrup, and sparkling coconut, or the Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed with raspberry, lime, and ginger beer. For something more savory, try the Spicy Blackberry Cooler with blackberries, lime, and habanero, or the classic Ginger Limeade!

Multiple locations | See locations



Quite possibly the girliest and most Instagrammable place in Dallas, XOXO Dining Room is worth checking out regardless of your drinking preferences! They actually have an entire “zero-proof” menu with 5 delicious mocktails including the Uptown Virgin with strawberries and rosemary, Lil Papi with muddled jalapenos and citrus, and their take on a virgin espresso martini, the XO Espresso!

Old East Dallas | Directions


Fount Nonalcoholic Section

Beyond The Bar

DFW's first nonalcoholic bottle shop is now open! Shop hundreds of wines, spirits, beers, canned cocktails, and more -- all without the alcohol. They also host fun alcohol-free events at their shop and around town, perfect for those looking for a fun NA activity!

Richardson | Directions


Fount Board and Table

This cozy coffee shop doubles as an amazing place to shop zero-proof sips! Explore their eclectic variety of nonalcoholic sips, featuring 20+ wines, spirits, beers, and euphorics. (Pictured)

Uptown | Directions


Foxtrot Market

This local market is our go to for a fun snack and drink, and their NA options are endless! Their drink cooler is full of canned euphorics, sparkling probiotics, and functional drinks. They even have nonalcoholic mezcal!

Multiple locations | See locations


Go Easy

This colorful and quirky shop is perfect for those who prefer CBD over alcohol! Shop their selection of non-alcoholic beverages like legal Delta-8 drinks and CBD euphorics!

Bishop Arts District | Directions



This chic wine stop in Mockingbird Station has got you covered for girls night in! Check out their wide selection of nonalcoholic wine options including reds, whites, and even bubbly!

Mockingbird Station | Directions


Starla Wines

Ditch the alcohol and sugar, but still savor the sips! This Dallas based nonalcoholic wine company offers a Red Blend, Sauvignon Blanc, and Sparkling Rose!

Online & in select stores | Shop now