Calling all soccer fans! Grab your soccer ball and head to the field at Crossbar, a new indoor soccer facility + bar! You can expect the ultimate player and fan experience at Crossbar as it's filled with games on the TVs, beers in the fridge and weekly local vendors, all to entertain you between classes and pickup games!

Updated February 2022



Located in Richardson, Crossbar has a goal of creating the ultimate, hybrid environment for soccer fans and players alike. They recently opened and offer field rentals, daily pick up games, leagues, workout classes and game watch parties!

Every weeknight and weekend you can break a sweat in a 5v5 open pickup soccer game, make a team to run the table in women’s and men’s indoor leagues, or show off your skills in a FIFA tournament. Plus, they have a full bar inside with a selection of local beer, wine, seltzers, canned cocktails and more! So whether you come to play, to watch, or to enjoy a drink, any soccer lover will enjoy this new concept.



Whether you’re looking to join one of their leagues or just want to swing by for a pickup game, Crossbar has a little something for any level of soccer fanatic. In addition to their men's and women's leagues, they also have a coed and an over 30 league as well! To join a pickup game you can either sign up online before you go, or you can buy a membership that allows you to attend unlimited games per month!

They have partnered with Sphere Club to offer group workout classes for players of all skill and fitness levels! Use code LETSKICKIT when you sign up online to try your first class for free!


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