We stopped by the M Streets cafe, Corner Market and were instantly reminded how perfect the place is for a casual meal in a neighborhood atmosphere. There is so much more to the Corner Market than sandwiches and salads and we’re breaking it all down for those who may not know this hidden gem - including the market’s own ecosystem!

Updated April 2022



The Corner Market has sat nestled on the corner of Greenville Avenue and McCommas for 21 years in a historic, 100-year old building. In the heart of the M Streets, it has become the neighborhood’s go-to anytime of day for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And even better?! There’s an adorable floral shop attached!



Start your day with a breakfast taco, bagel, biscuits and gravy, muffins, and coffee. It’s the best energy with everyone stopping by before work, after a workout, or on their morning walk. If you visit for a casual lunch or dinner, enjoy hot and cold sandwiches, salads, and soups. The standouts were the Belmont chicken sandwich, pesto tortellini, mozzarella salad, and chicken salad. And don’t forget to treat yourself with a slice of homemade pie!



You can’t visit the restaurant without perusing next door to the most adorable flower shop! Full of succulents, petals, greenery, pampas grass, and more, you can put together your own arrangement or leave it to the pros. They can do it all from small arrangements for special occasions to weddings! And fun fact - one of their florists is now a florist for the White House!



What makes The Corner Market so special to the community is that they have built their own little ecosystem to sustain the restaurant. That’s right, they grow veggies and herbs upstairs on their rooftop garden, have a chicken coop for eggs, and house their own honeybees!

It’s their own little farm right on Greenville Avenue!


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