A request we frequently get: activity ideas that don’t look like eating and drinking. In Dallas, it sometimes it feels like we have to think outside the box for those options, but today, we are suggesting one inside the box! Introducing Electric Game Box, which offers immersive team adventures in “the world’s smartest room!”

Updated May 2021



Electric Gamebox (EGB) hails from Britain and opened in Dallas at the end of last year. It features rooms that use projection mapping, touch screens and motion-tracking technology to deliver fun and competitive team-building games! And fun fact, the concept comes from the founder of Tough Mudder!



Play with up to six people and choose one of six adventures. Each lasts 30-60 minutes and is a completely unique experience. Whether you are searching for rare martian minerals, training for the CIA or saving the queen’s corgi’s, all require you to use your athleticism, mind, creativity and team work to complete the “mini games.”



We were recently at Grandscape when we came across EGB, so we decided to give it a try and play the newest game, “Rescue the Royals.” We put on the visors and entered our room! It started with an interactive Nintendo type game, where we were crouching and jumping to collect coins and avoid spiky balls. (We worked up a sweat no joke!) We then tested our wits playing trivia and a word matching game and finished with a race to save each royal. We had to maneuver ourselves around the room as a character on the screen. It’s hard to explain so just go see what it’s all about yourself! Overall, it was super fun and a really great way to spend an hour doing something totally unique! Games start at $14.95, depending on off or peak hours and game time. And it’s kid friendly!


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