The Buddhist Temple of Dallas, a beautiful sanctuary in North Dallas, just re-introduced its Thai Markets on Sundays filled with street food, desserts, gifts, teas and more! We stopped by and had an amazing culinary and cultural experience!

Updated June 2021



After raising funds for 15 years, the Temple was built in 2012, much by artists from Thailand. It’s a stunning and ornate piece of architecture, surrounded by beautiful gardens. If you’re interested in learning about Buddhism, the temple actually has a Buddhist discussion group every Wednesday at 7 PM for Western students held in English.



Visit the temple on Sundays as their weekly Thai markets are back! Starting around 10:30 AM until the afternoon or sellout, dozens of stands pop up serving curry, Pad Thai, mango sticky rice and more authentic Thai cuisine. It’s a community affair with kids helping out parents at the cash registers, friends helping prepare meals and members of the Temple catching up.

Everyone is so welcoming and excited to share their authentic Thai street foods! We sampled many dishes, some we were familiar with, like steamed pork dumplings, and others, like a tapioca peanut ball, we’d never tried before.



Firstly, make sure to bring cash and make sure to dress appropriately according to the weather. There’s some shade but the market is held outdoors. Once you gather your many dishes (it’s hard to resist not filling your arms to the brim with goodies), head to the koi pond and garden area to find a beautiful setting to enjoy!



Every year, the Buddhist Temple also hosts an annual Thai festival, filled with lots of food, but also cultural aspects like dances, ceremonies, music and more. Typically held in May, it has not happened the last two years now, but we're hoping it comes back this year! So be on the lookout and in the meantime, enjoy this abridged version on Sundays!


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