For those who grew up in Dallas, went to SMU, or love a good dive bar, this might not be news to you. But this little dive bar on SMU Blvd has stood the test of time and just celebrated 50 years! Milo Butterfingers is still just the same as it was decades before!

Updated June 2021


Milo Butterfingers opened in 1971, originally further into Northeast Dallas. Originally, it was a honky-tonk and a go-to venue for live music, even boasting the likes of Jerry Jeff Walker and Ray Wylie Hubbard. It’s second location made it “Dallas’ first real beer garden,” and its final resting spot on SMU Blvd has cemented it as a go-to sports bar for college students and area locals alike since the 80's.


You truly step back in time when visiting Milos. It’s not something to go to because it’s Instagrammable or nostalgic. In fact, it’s the opposite, and that’s the beauty of Milos! The people there span young, drunk kids cheering on the Mustangs, to old timers, who look like they’ve been sitting at the bar at Milos for decades. The furniture is tattered, the bar is dark, there are arcade games and a pool table in the back, and sports memorabilia adorns the walls.


Hollywood Stardom

There aren’t many places in Dallas that can say they’ve been featured in one movie productions, let alone a TV series too! In fact, they might be the only one. Milos is featured in a few scenes of Tom Cruise’s Born on the Fourth of July as well as several episodes of Chuck Norris’s Walker, Texas Ranger. 

At Milos, you can bank on having a good time, whether you’re having a casual beer and patty melt in one of the booths or having a fun night out over pitchers of beer in the back. There’s a patio out front too with a disheveled grouping of chairs and tables when the weather’s nice. But there’s no one to impress — all walks of life are present and welcome! P.S. they’re open until 2 am daily!