Movement Gym at The Hill is the newest addition to Dallas’ climbing scene, featuring 37,000 square-feet of bouldering with a full line-up of introductory and advanced climbing classes, a boutique-style yoga studio, and multi-level cardio and weight areas!

Updated January 2022



Located off of 75 & Walnut Hill at The Hill Shopping Center, this gym is mostly focused on bouldering and climbing with tons of great options for non-climbers too! If climbing isn’t your thing, they have a great yoga studio and a full gym with everything you could possibly need for your workout. They're opening another location in the Design District in June, so keep an eye out!



The 37,000 sq. ft. space is a fitness junkie's dream. The gym is full of lifting equipment to cater to strength training and conditioning. They even offer personal training for those looking for one-on-one experience. The yoga studio offers a peaceful space to channel your inner yogi, and the climbing walls offer the opportunity to scale with your community of climbers. The space is also available to host your party or private gathering, so send them an email if you're interested!



Whether you are looking to grow your climbing abilities, become a yogi, or reach a new weight lifting personal record, Movement Gym offers a wide variety of instructor-led classes daily to fit your schedule! For the rock climbing lovers, they offer intro classes to bouldering and technique, for the yogis, flow, foundations and more, and for the lifters, core, HIIT, and total body classes.



Movement is founded on the value of community and highlights its importance in each activity offered. Not only do they highlight this value in the gym, but also beyond. They support numerous organizations across the country with proactive climbing, social and environmental initiatives. To further promote the family feel beyond the workouts, they host special events for their members, such as bring a buddy night and other events focused on diversity and inclusion.



You can purchase a monthly membership pass for $69 that includes access to all locations, unlimited climbing, free fitness classes, and even a free guest pass! If you want to see what the hype is all about you can buy a day pass for just $22 before deciding to go all in on a membership. There are lots of different membership options, so you can find the one best suited to you.


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