Recently, a plant sale at the Discovery Gardens caught our attention! We had heard of the gardens before but hadn’t yet ventured through them, so we had to stop by! It was an unexpected flora and fauna paradise and is an easy and fun weekday or weekend activity!

Updated February 2021



Within the Art Deco world of Fair Park sits the Discovery Gardens, where both children and adults are invited in to learn about sustaining the natural world. A non-profit, the Gardens aim to “provide a safe and natural oasis to our Dallas community” with more than seven acres of organic garden and a two-story butterfly house and insectarium.



The first public garden in the state of Texas to be certified 100% organic by the Texas Organic Research Center, the gardens feature native plants and plant species from other regions of the world that are adapted to the challenging climate and soils of North Texas. It’s really fun to roam around and explore it all. From plants to ponds to fountains to views, it’s still so beautiful, even during winter. 



Hundreds of free-flying tropical butterflies roam the jungle oasis of this room that’s warm year-round. Wander the plants and see the butterflies fly all around you while learning about emergence. You might even see a butterfly come out of its cocoon! Pro tip: everyday at noon the staff release butterflies into their conservatory, so make sure to visit in time to watch!  

Within the gardens, there’s also a Snakes of Texas house with 20 species! So if you're feeling brave, that one is for you!



Getting married and looking for a venue? You can use the Discovery Gardens as your venue, which is really cool!! Or rent the space for a special event! For those looking to attend events, rather, summer camps, plant sales, and festivals are hosted throughout the year!



The gardens are open Wednesday-Sunday from 10AM - 5PM. Admission is $10 for adults or $5 for children 3-11 years old. If you're looking to learn more and get involved with the gardens, volunteer positions are open!


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