Last year, a long-standing Dallas institution, Char Bar, closed its doors. The bright blue throwback restaurant with three sharp peaks of roofs make it a funky staple on Greenville Avenue, but luckily the building still stands, transformed as Son of a Butcher  in a new color of white!

Updated January 2021


Son of a Butcher

Son of a Butcher, or SOB for short, first opened in 2019 from the team behind Velvet Taco. It began as a food stall in Legacy Hall and now has its own brick and mortar! It serves up slides, shakes and sides in a creative fashion, very similar to the tacos found at Velvet Taco. The renovated space looks like a modern farmhouse with an expansive heated patio of picnic tables or a drive through if you’re getting to-go.


Choose between chicken, waygu, pork or veggie (1 black bean option). The three meats have a variety to choose from and we were told the Nashville Hot (chicken with pimento), Popper (wagyu with fried jalapeño and cream cheese, pepper jame and bacon) and the Burnt Ends (brisket, Gouda, onions, BBQ sauce) were some of the most popular.
However we dove into others and LOVED the Wagyu (Blackberry jam, bacon, crunchy peanut butter) and Sticky Chicken (thai sauce, green onion, peanut, lettuce, japanese mayo, thai basil, fresno chili)!


Shakes & Sides

There’s also a list of several shakes from blueberry cobbler to pistachio mint to cookie butter and more. And there’s boozy shakes too! And add fries to your order: waffle, curds, and cheese to name a few options!

Overall, it’s a fun casual spot to enjoy a meal at. The patio is dog friendly and overlooks Greenville Ave, the food is great and there’s even an homage to the former Char Bar in the form of a mural!