We recently dined at Bonton Farms and while one of us has volunteered at the 40-acre farm of this South Dallas community non-profit, for the other, it was finally the first time experiencing what Bonton Farms and its amazing mission is all about. And we were honestly moved to tears.

Updated January 2022



Bonton Farms is a non-profit aimed to bring the Bonton neighborhood in South Dallas, access to healthy and fresh foods, education and job skills, housing and more. If you don’t know much the neighborhood, we learned today that it’s one of the poorest in Dallas, where “85% of men have been to prison, poverty is rampant and jobs are scarce."



Before Bonton Farms, which has a 40-acre farm outside of South Dallas to grow it’s fresh vegetables, milk, eggs, fruits, grains, meats and more, the are was a “food desert” where only a few convenience stores existed to provide unhealthy and processed foods. The stat that moved us immensely? 63% of the community doesn’t have access to personal transportation like a car, and the closest grocery store is a 3 hour round trip bus ride.



But Bonton Farms really has changed that all while bringing life into a neighborhood that desperately needed it, and with its new market, we can all enjoy the beautiful, fresh farm-to-table foods through a breakfast and lunch menu offered, as well as Bonton Farms products like eggs and soap and honey.


Members from the community are there cooking, serving and assisting, which is truly amazing to see - these peoples’ lives have been turned around and everyone now can be a part of what Bonton offers, and it all goes back into helping the neighborhood.


And lastly, the food is AMAZING! We would describe it as healthy Southern, and can’t wait to go back. Bonton Farms also frequently hosts special events like its farm-to-table dinner next Saturday featuring amazing cuisine, live music and an intimate experience!


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