Introducing Tiffany Derry's newest concept: Roots Southern Table! It's an “homage to modern Southern cookery” located in Farmer’s Branch with a beautiful, contemporary space and incredible soul food!

Updated February 2022



Roots is dedicated to providing the same cooking that Derry grew up eating in the South on her family’s farm. “Field-to-table eating was not a trend but simply a way of life.” Step inside for a warehouse like space with tall ceilings and modern lighting coming down from the ceiling. Minimalist art decorates the walls, with hints of navy all around.



If you aren’t familiar with Tiffany Derry, she competed on Top Chef season 7 and won “fan favorite.” You may have also seen her in the All-Stars season 8 too! She opened Roots Chicken Shak at Legacy West in 2017. It’s a fast casual food stand that serves one of the best fried chicken sandwiches around! And now, an amazing restaurant to add to her resume too!



Start with the “Down Home Roots” from Cast Iron Cornbread to Fried Shrimp and Grits, then move to “Modern Roots,” including an amazing Texas Peaches dish, stuffed zucchini flowers, black eyed pea hummus and more! Order a family style duck-fat friend chicken which serves 2-4, or order a solo entree of sea scallops (unreal), halibut, or Jerk lamp chops to name a few!



The cocktails are pieces of art and come from a beautiful bar. Try the Kingfish, a plum-infused Rittenhouse rye based cocktail or a Kool-Aid, with vodka, hibiscus, dry curaçao and strawberry. The standout though was a Laveau cocktail, a peach-infused rum with Luxardo Maraschino liqueur and a smoke bubble on top!


We highly recommend trying out and supporting this amazing new restaurant and chef, and you can make reservations online! You won’t be disappointed!


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