70,000 sq. ft. spread across three stories with a gallery of furniture and a glass enclosed rooftop, the newly rebuilt and reopened RH is quite the place to see! And unsurprisingly, it’s a stunning feat of architecture and design. For us, the furniture is more of a pipe dream than a reality, so we ventured swiftly up to the grand finale of the space: the rooftop restaurant.

Updated May 2021



As imagined, the rooftop restaurant is seriously stunning and resembles a fancy European garden, with a fountain and a chandelier as the centerpieces of the dining room. Around it, there are trees, more than 30 smaller versions of the chandelier, lounge type seating arrangements, and marble tabletops. Although it’s covered, you feel like you’re dining outside with the open doors and floor to ceiling windows.



Enjoy the Wine Bar on the top floor on an uncovered patio overlooking Knox while sipping on an RH Bellini! Food isn’t served on the outdoor patio, and on that note, RH food is pretty pricy! If you do dive into the menu, try the ribeye sandwich and truffle fries or splurge on the Brie and prosciutto cheeseboard or lobster roll! The outdoor patio is first come, first serve while the rest of the restaurant is by reservation through Open Table! So run, don’t walk, to check out the newest trendy spot & Instagrammable haven in Dallas!



Now just called RH (formerly Restoration Hardware), the high-end modern furniture store that has redefined home and design goals, has now done the same for a retail experience! The original one-story RH was torn down a few years ago to make way for a much bigger and grander version, known as the gallery, with a double floating staircase, sparkling chandeliers, and olive trees galore!


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