One of the best restaurants in the city that doesn't get enough praise, Tei-An has garnered such a strong reputation that it continues to thrive as a hidden gem! See what this hotspot for Japanese food lovers is all about!

Updated January 2022



A Japanese restaurant by master chef, Sakurai, Tei-An is one-of-a-kind with omakase and a private rooftop! It’s been open in One Arts Plaza for 14 years, during which Sakurai's soba noodle artistry has been recognized nationally, earning him many James Beard nominations!



You can order a variety of sushi types, like sashimi and tempura, and of course, soba, à la carte... or you can spice it up with an omakase tasing! Choose from the three tastings: the four-course starting at $80 per person, the full six-course for $120 per person, or the seasonal tasting that requires a 3 day notice for reservations! When you visit, make sure to order the soba “Bolognese." It is heavenly!



Chef and owner, Teiichi Sakurai, was born in Tokyo and learned the art of sushi in high school. He later moved to Texas, where he opened his first restaurant, Teppo, in 1995 and his second restaurant, Tei Tei Robata Bar, in 1998. He brought uncooked fish and Japanese grilling to Dallas! Both restaurants still exist today and are incredible, but Sakurai no longer owns them.



Members, of which there are just over 100, get exclusive access to the bar, private dining room and rooftop lounge. You must be invited to become a member, which is a nod to how Tei-An has always prioritized its loyal customers, who can't enough of the Japanese cuisine. The regulars come from not only local areas, but also all the way from Tokyo, which is a true testament to the Tei-An experience!



Book a seat at Tei-An on the app, Tock, where you can specify omakase or a regular seating.


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