We featured Wok Star back in April when it first opened as only a to-go concept, but we are excited they recently opened up their dining room! It's a go-to for Chinese cuisine, where you can experience a fun atmosphere, creative cocktails, and the noodle chef himself! 

Updated July 2021



Located on Walnut Hill and 75, Wok Star is a lively Chinese restaurant with tons of flare, amazing food, and a casual patio. It’s a play on words with Rock Star, and they really get into it with an 80’s artists mural, red and black lighting, and a menu covered in stars. Even some of the menu items are on theme.



The menu is pretty big with classic Chinese dishes like noodles and fried rice. It’s divided by beef, chicken, and seafood, and everything is delicious with pretty presentations. We tried the crispy honey chicken, general tso’s chicken, lo mein, and of course the handmade soup dumplings, which were wonderful. But the real stars are the noodle chef and his hand-pulled noodles.

Enjoy dishes by Chef Charlie, a renowned noodle chef, who has prepared noodles all over the world from China to Vegas to, most recently, Royal China just across the Highway.



In addition to traditional Asian drinks like Sake, they have 12 creative craft cocktails that are on theme with their names, like the I’m too Sexy, which is topped with sour patch kids, and the Bohemian Rhapsody, which is a creamy cocktail with peanut butter whiskey and banana rum!

We recommend ordering the Radioactive cocktail for a fun table side experience and a smoking bubble on top!



Make it your next happy hour spot every day 3-6 PM with appetizers starting at $3 plus $2 off wine and beer and half-priced cocktails.


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