We’ve always heard about how much y’all love LDU, and we recently discovered why! Friendly baristas, realllly good coffee, tasty treats and a strong community of people who all have one thing in common: they really love LDU Coffee!

Updated January 2022



Wifi-less and super hip LDU was started by two brothers from Australia who were inspired to bring a taste of their hometown coffee culture to Dallas. They currently have two locations - one on Fitzhugh and another on Preston in University Park - and have just opened their third location in White Rock!




LDU knows how to brew up a seriously delicious, smooth cup of coffee. The flat white is the most popular, and we love the vanilla latte, a perfect balance between cream and coffee, with just the right hint of sweetness. They also have much stronger drinks for the coffee purists - like the Captain America or Long Black. You can also pick up their Magic Bean Juice, aka bottled espresso that you can use to make your own drinks at home.



The banana bread is a fan favorite, but we got the Morning Glory loaf which is like an insane combo between carrot cake and apple nut bread - an absolute must. Did we mention they bring it out so perfectly toasted it nearly melts in your mouth? If you’re feeling like something a little more substantial, they also have fresh-made paninis!



As the full name indicates, LDU Coffee To Go was not designed like your typical hang out coffee shop. While they do have some seating, don’t expect to post up there and work for the day - none of the locations have wifi! This is a true testament to their Australian roots - an espresso bar that's primary focus is on the coffee!



The new LDU has now opened Garland Road located next to Hypnotic Donut. We love how East Dallas has a thriving local coffee scene, getting yet another option!


So if you’re a coffee aficionado and haven’t yet stopped by, this unassuming coffee bar is a must! And be sure to check out this new location!


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