We checked out Nuri Grill and the food was out of this world! Located in K-Town on Royal Lane, it’s led by a Michelin-Star female chef from Korea and needs to be added to your restaurant hit list!

Updated December 2021



A passion project from the Smoothie King CEO, he brought in chef Minji Kim from Korea, where she has five restaurants and is Michelin-recognized. The aim: to bring an upscale Korean BBQ steakhouse to Dallas. And they did a fabulous job!



If you haven’t yet ventured to Koreatown aka K-Town, it’s a place we’ll worth a visit, tucked away off of Royal Lane and Harry Hines. There, you’ll find the Korea district of Dallas, with restaurants, businesses and giant 24 hour spas. Nuri Grill brings a new awareness and elevation to the area with its glamorous interior of metallic ceilings, velvet chairs and silver tables with a Korean BBQ stove in the middle.



The menu centers around steak that’s cooked at your table. You can choose one of two “feasts” that include a variety of cuts of steak, plus accompaniments like kimchi, salad, garlic noodles and tofu stew. You can also choose a la carte but regardless, make sure to start with some standout apps like the grilled cabbage salad, Korean antipasti, kimchi pancakes or crispy pork belly.

The food was truly phenomenal and like nothing we’ve had in Dallas. It was so fun too that it was also an experience via the “cook your own meats” interactive portion but you can also have your server cook for you for the most perfect job.


To pair, order a bottle of sake or soju or a fancy cocktail, made at the full bar so if you’d rather just enjoy drinks and apps and skip the meat cooking experience, you can do that too! For cocktails, try the Matcha Mai Tai or Nuri Margarita.


Overall, it was an A+ dining experience. Beyond the food and drinks, the service was amazing. Make reservations ASAP, we really recommend this place and it’s especially great for groups or date nights!


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