Introducing Spatch, an upscale yet laid back atmosphere serving up southern comfort style dishes alongside fresh seafood and more! Plus an array of cocktails, beer, wine and a classic martini service!

Updated December 2021



The space has had several restaurants prior, but none that have taken the space to the elevated vibe it has now! You’ll note Italian hand painted tile, plush booths and fun decor like a ton of roosters collected from various vendors!



Spatch’s menu is very progressive and changes seasonally! Since opening they’ve already tinkered with the menu and added 5 new dishes! The owners want to cater to the market and to the liking of individuals as they move forward. Like all the dishes include ingredients that are taken the extra mile! Like the rigatoni is crafted with pork fat for added flavor and then braised with it!

Make sure to stop by on the weekends to try out their brunch, especially out on the patio around the fire!



Happy hour and reverse happy hour are in works so look out for that! Soon they’ll be introducing live music like jazz, eta by the end of the year! Other happenings to keep an eye out for are wine + bourbon dinners where you’ll have the chance to get the scoop on quality brands and have a tasting experience!


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