We all can agree that fondue is the best kind of food coma! So we recently stopped by Simply Fondue off Lower Greenville for dinner to get our fix of all things cheese, chocolate and more!

Updated December 2021



Fun fact: Fondue comes from the French word “fondre”, meaning “to melt”! And there’s a whole lot to choose from for each course! Tucked on the east side of Lower Greenville (across from Trader Joe’s), Simply Fondue’ elevated, cook-your-own concept adds a level of casual fun to switch up your dining routine! When we visited we spotted a ladies night out, date night and family dinner, so it’s definitely a versatile dining spot!



You can choose menu options a la carte, but the real bang for your buck is ordering from The Simply Fondue Classic Dinner! The 4-course menu includes a cheese appetizer, gourmet salad, 3 entree selection and of course ending with chocolate for dessert! We tried the Campfire S’more to end our meal and it was out of this world!



For the cheese fondues it comes with breads, fruits and veggies and you can choose from spicy cheese like Pepper Jack to classic French Onion Swiss. During the entree course, you can select your cooking style like oil or grilling which we thought was so cool! And top it off with choosing one of 10+ chocolate fondues to have with fruit, cake and cookie dippers!

Make sure to check out the whole list of martinis like a Chocolate Martini and Caramel Appletini! There’s also a full service bar to grab a drink before hitting your personal fondue table.


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