The floor-to-ceiling glass adorned space located on N Bishop Ave and Melba in Bishop Arts has finally opened! The unique concept, Written By the Seasons, connects a dynamic space with a seasonal, rotating menu. 

Updated December 2021



The vibe is elevated while maintaining warm and approachable at the forefront! All of the furniture is custom made to create a one-of-a-kind space with personal elements like the art wall at the back. From old family photos to favorite travel spots, the wall is entirely made up of images that are an homage to each of the owners. Like one photo is of one of the owner’s grandfather from the 20’s!



Everything on the menu is so delicious and the menu has a seasonal component which means a rotation at least 5x a year, keeping the flavor profile of their dishes fresh with a leading edge!



One thing that is a must know about the menu is the expansive, curated wine list! It’s largely natural wines, meaning they use organic grapes with no added yeast or artificial sugars. There’s something for everyone’s palate to compliment your courses. One of us wanted a bold red while the other preferred something sweeter and both found our ideal glass!

Fun fact: Written by the Seasons is the only restaurant in the country you can enjoy Letters, a wine produced in a unique part of Europe!


Reservations are suggested, so head to their website to grab your spot!


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